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Homeopathy for health in the elderly.

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3 August, 1992

Dr Wendy Isbell

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that improves the person's health by giving specially prepared treatments that are tailor-made for the person. These remedies produce small corrections to the person's health, so that the body can improve its health and well-being as much as possible. Homoeopathy can be used for a whole range of medical and psychological conditions at any age. I am finding that more and more people are turning to homoeopathy, both as a way of adding to the treatment they are receiving from their conventional doctor and also as a way of becoming as healthy as possible and maintaining health.

This is especially so in the older age group, where there can be a general declining in body functions, and an increasing amount of illness, both minor and major. Most elderly patients find that with a short course of homoeopathic treatment, their overall energy and stamina improves, and that they are able to cope with an increasing range of activities.

If there is a medical problem present, this can be treated homoeopathically, without having to alter any medication that has been prescribed by the doctor. Usually the condition improves still further on homoeopathic treatment, and sometimes the conventional medication can be reduced or even stopped as the person continues to improve. At a homoeopathic appointment the patient gives information about their general health and past medical history, and answers questions about other symptoms, and more personal aspects such as their likes and dislikes, and general features. A full medical check up is performed, and blood tests arranged if necessary. The homoeopathic remedy is then chosen according to the overall pattern of symptoms of the patient, as these are markers about how the body is functioning. Sometimes herbs are used as well as the homoeopathic treatment.

Best results come from a short series of visits and treatments, the average being three to six at the start. Then, if there are further problems in the future, or the improvement drops off, other doses can be given at a later stage also. Some people choose to enrol in a Stay Well Programme, where they return for checks every three to six months. Because the homoeopathic treatment is a partnership between the homoeopathic remedies and the body's response, the amount of improvement and the pattern of improvement varies from person to person.

The homoeopathic remedies are all natural remedies, which are made up from stock on the premises. Usually, each dose consists of a small amount of liquid in an alcohol solution. I am very enthusiastic about the usefulness of homoeopathy in the elderly age group, for treating illness, improving general well-being and maintaining health.

Dr Wendy Isbell is a conventionally trained medical doctor, who specialised in Health Care of the Elderly. She is now combining her medical and homoeopathic training, and runs a homoeopathic medical practice in Bealey Avenue, Christchurch. Her special interests are in treating medical conditions homoeopathically, improving patients' general well being, and in health promotion.

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