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Continuing Education Term 3

Homoeopathy more Popular

© The Christchurch Mail
20 August, 1992

Dr Wendy Isbell, a Christchurch physician and homoeopath, is offering another series of lectures on homoeopathy.

The four Tuesday evening classes will cover the principles of homoeopathy, first aid treatment, homoeobotanicals, Bach Flowers and Christchurch Flower Essences.

Dr Isbell finds that an increasing number of people are turning to homoeopathy as a way of improving their general health and well-being. Homoeopathy can also be used to treat more minor illnesses such as colds, injuries, teething and childhood illnesses.

The course will be held at Dr Isbell's new rooms at 177 Bealey Ave (corner of Sherborne Street) and will run on Tuesday Evenings at 6.30pm, from September 1. For further information and enrolment phone Helen at 660-508 or 661-000.

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