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Natural Health and Fitness

Homoeopathy for Health

© Christchurch West City Times
17 November, 1992

Homoeopathy is attracting a great deal of interest in the community. It is not that people are dissatisfied with conventional medicine, says Dr Wendy Isbell, a Christchurch-based physician and homoeopath. It is rather that people want to have their illnesses treated, but they want to go a step further, and regain full health and well being. So people are turning to homoeopathy both to have their illnesses treated, often alongside conventional medical treatment, and also as a way of improving their health and energy, and for health promotion. Many people are familiar with homoeopathy in a first aid setting for illnesses such as colds, flus, and there have been a number of well attended courses about how to take low potency remedies in a first aid situation at home. Dr Isbell finds that most people go to her for general constitutional treatment for a specific illness, and that as they get better they choose to return for occasional visits just to maintain their health. In addition, she has designed her Health Check-ups and the Stay Well Programme for people who are basically well, but who want to deal with more minor symptoms and stress, and to have some preventive work done. There is also an Injury Service, using homoeopathic remedies to help people recover faster after sports or general injuries.

Homoeopathy is a system of medicine that improves the person's health by giving special treatments that are tailor-made for the person. It uses the principle that the body is always trying to recover from illness, and works to aid the body in its recovery.

Homoeopathy is used for the whole range of medical and psychological conditions in children and adults, as well as for treating general poor health. It can be used along-side conventional medicines.

Dr Isbell is a medical doctor who specialises in Homoeopathy. She has a special interest in treating a variety of medical and psychological conditions of children and adults. People make appointments to see her without needing to be referred by their doctor, but she asks patients to remain registered with their general practitioners, and works in with other medical care.

On the first appointment, patients are asked to fill in a questionnaire, giving symptoms and past illnesses and answering a checklist of symptoms. Dr Isbell goes through the case and does a full medical examination, including arranging blood tests if necessary. A first homoeopathic dose is given, and often some herbs or flower essences as well. The homoeopathic remedies are natural remedies, which are made up from stock on the premises. Usually the dose consists of a small amount of liquid in an alcohol solution.

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