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Dr Wendy Rose Isbell

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First physician homoeopath in New Zealand

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Dr Wendy Isbell has postgraduate qualifications in geriatrics and internal medicine and is the only specialist physician practising as a homoeopath in New Zealand. She treats patients from all over New Zealand and from Australia.

Her practice is located at Bealey Chambers, 110 Bealey Avenue, opposite the Southern Cross Hospital.

The receptionist and practice manager is Helen Nesbit. The practise nurse, Penny Monteath, is available to give information.

The first homoeopathic appointment involves a full assessment and medical check-up. The treatment programme is for further visits every three weeks until the patient is well, and then at longer intervals.

Dr Isbell asks patients to remain registered with their general practitioner, and sends a courtesy note to the GP after the first appointment. She will not change any regular medication, and will normally ask patients to go back to their doctor for investigation of medical problems and medication.

She also offers health check-ups, a "Stay Well" programme, and an Injury Service for those with recent injuries. Patients from outside Christchurch can report their progress by mail or telephone, to receive follow up remedies.

Visits to Dr Isbell are covered by medical insurance and are subject to part funding from the Health Department, and from the Accident Compensation Corporation where appropriate.

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