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New energy for blossom time

© Healthwise
September/October 1993

Spring is the time of new life and a renewal of opportunity. Along with the daffodils and lambs, it can also be a time of allergies, sniffles, and above all, exhaustion and weariness. The change of the season always makes grater demands on our immune systems and spring can be a time of misery for many. The answer is to turn to Mother Nature for the natural ways back to health and happiness.

Herbs have traditionally been used for health care and the need for their unique healing qualities is even greater today in our polluted, stressful environment with its emphasis on synthetic drugs. Using herbal preparations for health care has been greatly simplified and made more effective through a New Zealand Discovery. Herbal Energy is the remarkable healing power that is released from herbs when they are prepared in a special way. Health practitioners from the Homoeobotanical Institute Inc. now offer this safe, low-cost therapy through a national network of professionals.


The high levels of pollen in the Spring air bring misery and discomfort to many. Extra fresh fruit and Vegetables are needed to supply the extra amounts of Vitamin C to overcome allergy reactions.

Vitamin C naturally stimulates the production of antihistamine in the body, so extra Vitamin C taken as a supplement may help many sufferers. The preparation known as Homoeobotanical (Hb) First Aid gives rapid relief of acute allergic symptoms, colds and flu and many feverish illnesses. Combining the herbs Elder Flower, Ginger, Cinnamon, Sage and Camomile, Hb First Aid rapidly eases the misery of pollen allergies. Homoeopathic preparations of pollen (Wyethia, Mixed Pollen, Sabadilla) are also very effective. Eating pollen granules as part of a meal can desensitise some allergy sufferers and greatly increase their resistance and energy.


Few people realise that moodiness and serious emotional changes are triggered off by changes in the seasons, allergic responses and the extra stresses these effects have on everyone's immune system. Several preparations of flower essences are used to relieve all manner of emotional problems including seasonally adaptive depression (SAD). The Christchurch Flower Essences offer hope to many sufferers and Spring Blossoms can help to restore serenity and joy (Cherry Blossom), encourage the enthusiasm to continue (Plum Blossom), while Daffodils restore enjoyment of life and creativity. Homoeo-botanical preparations such as Hb E for emotional stress and Hb Z for insomnia and overwork may help as well.


The return of Spring Sunshine leaves so many people tired and lacking in energy. This effect is part of the allergy response explained above, but a general boost to energy and well being is often needed at this time of the year. Hb N for energy is a combination of herbs developed as a general tonic. For women there is Hb F and for men Hb O, to refresh to joy of living by getting our glandular systems back to full strength. Where available, fresh nettle tea is made by pouring boiling water over chopped up nettle. Strained and sweetened to taste with honey, this herb tea is one of the best known to blow away the winter woes.

Further information on the Christchurch Flower Essences may be obtained from Wendy Isbell, 110 Bealey Avenue, Christchurch…Details of Herbal Energy and the address of your nearest practitioner come from Amy Murray, the Homoeopath Institute Inc., PO Box 23-589, Papatoetoe, Auckland.

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