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Dr Wendy Isbell and her receptionist, Nicky Taylor, welcome clients to the practice at 177 Bealey Avenue

A natural way to maintain good health

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1 November, 1994

Homoeopathy is a safe form of medicine concerned with aiding recovery from ill health and maintaining good health.

It used to treat a wide range of medical and psychological conditions in children and adults. At its deepest level it is also preventive, helping with resistance to disease.

Homoeopathic treatment involves remedies that come mainly from plants, minerals, and metals. More than 3000 homoeopathic remedies are now in use throughout the world.

Homoeopathy is a rational system of medicine. A homoeopathic remedy is one that can produce the same symptoms as those the sick person complains of. When taken, it stimulates the body into producing its own improvement.

Instead of trying to cure the disease by giving traditional drugs which may simply suppress the symptoms, homoeopathy takes into account the whole individual including the environment in which they live. If the body's defence systems are handicapped by poor diet, bad habits, or environmental stresses, these may need to be altered or specifically treated to give the best improvement.

A fundamental tenet of homoeopathy holds that mind and body are one. Thus the prescribing system of homoeopathy takes full account of the physical and mental state of the patient to administer a truly individual treatment.

The most effective remedy is the one that matches the physical, mental and emotional symptoms and the general constitution of the person concerned. It is also taken in the least possible dose for the least possible time.

Homoeopathy has been in use for longer than most conventional treatments offered today. It is often the treatment of choice in Europe and has had the approval of the British Royal Family for decades.

Christchurch Flower Essences Now Widely Available

Flower Essences are natural remedies produced from flowers. They are used by many natural practitioners to help stabilise emotional and psychological stresses, and to help transform emotions, attitudes and patterns of behaviour that may hinder a persons full development and potential.

Flower Essences were first produced by Dr Edward Bach in England around the turn of the century. He produced 38 flower essences which are known as Bach Flowers.

Within his system, Bach classified his remedies to fit in with what he described as the major emotional and psychological states including fear, uncertainty, loneliness, despondency, and despair. In the tradition of Dr Bach a number of flower essences are now available, made from the flowers of different countries throughout the world.

For the past four years Dr Wendy Isbell has been developing Christchurch Flower essences made from local flowers. They are designed to capture the healing properties of the flowers and gardens of Christchurch.

Previously these were available only from practitioners but Dr Isbell has now produced blended essences, which can be purchased for individual use. Blended essences are supplied singly or in sets of 12 and are grouped into combinations with qualities to enhance states such as harmony, balance, relief, inspiration and growth.

There is also a Relief Essence, which like Dr. Bach's famous Rescue Remedy, has a calming and stabilising effect during crises. The flowers in the relief essence specifically address injury, illness, betrayal, grief and stress.

Dr Isbell is enthusiastic about the future of the Christchurch Flower Essences.

"They are already being used throughout New Zealand as well as in the United Kingdom and Malaysia.

"I think the new blended essences will make the Christchurch Flower Essences more accessible and I look forward to seeing them more widely used," she says.

A brochure with more information about the Christchurch Flower Essences is available. Please telephone Nikki on 366-0508 or 366 1000.

Learn more about Homoeopathy

If you would like to know more about homoeopathy, Dr Isbell is happy to send out information. She will also give a free talk on how homoeopathy can be used to improve health and which health problems can be treated. It will be held on Tuesday November 08 at her rooms, 177 Bealey Avenue at 7pm. There will be no charge but numbers will be limited, so bookings for the evening are requested.

On March 08 1995 at 6pm Dr Isbell will start a course on Homoeopathy at home, including homoeopathy for first aid use, and the use of the homoeopathic First Aid Kit. First Aid kits are on sale with a 5 per cent discount during November.

For information, telephone Nikki on 366-0508 or 366-1000.

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