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Homoeopathy for colds and flus

© Family Times
June 1998

By Dr Wendy Isbell.

With the onset of winter; there comes too the onset of coughs, colds and flus that once caught by one member of the family often seen to run the gambit of the household.

There are some low potency homoeopathic remedies that can be used at home, in a first aid situation, to help with prevention and treatment of colds and flu's, but these first aid potencies are for minor or short-term problems only.

I'm going to give you a few of these remedies to try but please remember that although these may help you cope more easily with a cold or flu, if you are sick with the flu it is advisable to take to bed and rest until you have recovered sufficiently. If there are any concerns that the illness may not be a simple cold or flu, or if the person is not improving, then it is wise to see your general practitioner.

One very useful remedy for colds and flu's is AGE 30c. This is a combination of three remedies (Arsenicum lodatum, Gelsemium and Eupatorium Perfoliatum).

30c refers to the potency of the remedy – it is a low potency that is most commonly used in a first aid situation.

AGE 30c

This can be used for cold and flu prevention, given once a fortnight throughout the winter. The dose is four drops of the liquid form or two tablets sucked, and is the same for children of all ages and adults.

Age can also be used for the treatment of colds and flu's, and covers the early onset stage through to fully developed influenza and the lingering final stages. In this situation it is taken three times a day.


This is the treatment of choice in the early stages of a cold, especially when there are sudden symptoms of fever, colds, chills and headaches. It is especially useful if the problem is brought on by exposure to cold dry winds, and if the person is frightened or feels worse after dark. It is normally only used in the first 12-24 hours, and then other remedies can be used. The dose is four drops on to the tongue or two tablets sucked, hourly for six to eight doses.


Also used for fever, especially if there has been a violent onset, and if the fever is associated with flushing, redness, sore throat and headache, with the patient being worse from light, noise and jarring. The dose is four drops onto the tongue, or two tablets sucked, hourly for three to four doses.


Useful when there is a lot of sneezing and watery, burning discharge from the nose. The person may be thirsty for small amounts of water. The person may have a fever and feel chilly and want to keep warm, although feel relief from cold applications; to the head. The dose for this is four drops onto the tongue, or two tablets sucked, three times a day for up to three days.


Used when there is chilliness, sometimes with fear and irritability. The nose can run clear by day, and be stuffed up at night. There is a rough throat and a dry cough. The dose is four drops or two tablets three times a day, for up to two or three days.


Another useful remedy for flu which is used when there is aching, and a tearing pain in the muscles. There may be dryness of the mouth and parched lips, and the patient will be thirsty for long cold drinks. The person will want to be left alone, and feel worse from movement. It is especially useful if there is thick nasal discharge, with headache and irritability, and a dry cough causing headache. The dose of Bryonia is four drops or two tablets three times a day, for up to three days.

These medications are all available from good health food shops. Dosages are the same for children of all ages as they are for adults. Because the potency of these medications is very low you need not be concerned if by mistake you administer a drop or two more than suggested. There are no harmful side effects but the recommended dosage will offer maximum relief possible, an increase in dosage will not affect that.

Colds and flus can make you feel miserable can't they, I hope that my suggestions will alleviate some of the misery for you – better still I hope you and your family can breeze through winter without any encounters with its ills. Good Health…Keep warm!

Dr Wendy Isbell is a general practitioner, physician and homoeopath practising in Christchurch. Homoeopathy is a safe form of medicine concerned with aiding recovery from ill health and with maintaining good health. Treatment involves remedies which come mainly from plants, minerals and metals.

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