The Light House®
275 Fifield Terrace
New Zealand
Phone 64 3 3660508
Freephone 0800wisbell
Fax 64 3 3661000
Dr Wendy Rose Isbell

This webpage gives general advice
For enquiries and appointments, please contact HillMed Health, phone 3388655
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For Light Hearts

© Grace Magazine
1 October, 1998

REST, RECUPERATION AND REGENERATION for weary bodies and minds are the aims of the Light House (left and below), a new health day spa in Bealey Avenue, Christchurch. The spa is the brain-child of GP and homoeopath Dr Wendy Isbell, who converted her large, friendly house into a European-style health spa with a chef's kitchen, gym, consulting rooms and spa pool, far from the grind of everyday life. A day's programme ($250) includes an hour of yoga, an hour of gentle exercise, a full-body massage, sauna and soak in the spa. Also available are meditation and information on stress management, nutrition and goal-setting. Just bring comfortable clothes, shoes and a swimsuit. Robes, towels, lunch and morning and afternoon tea are all provided. Phone (03)366-0508.

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