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Dr Isbell — Healing the “whole” self

From Metropol magazine, 30th September 2010

The more intuitive amongst us have noticed a shift in Cantabrianís personas. One such person is Dr Wendy Rose Isbell a registered General Practitioner and Holistic Doctor. “The experiences we have been through with the Christchurch earthquake has freed people to be more themselves. To drop veneers and really connect with others on a more meaningful level.”

She explains that people have discovered itís fun to do ordinary things with others such as help taking down a chimney, or emptying a freezer thatís defrosting and get others together for a community barbeque.

Dr Isbell is also sensitive to the many people she comes across around the city who are still in shock, are anxious and feeling disconnected. “I feel for peopleís despair and would love to help them to get to the next step in their journey of healing.”

Dr Isbellís practice in iconic building, The Light House, at 177 Bealey Ave sustained damage in the quake but has been cleared by engineers, is safe and open for all services Monday to Friday 9am Ė 6pm and every second Saturday morning for meditation. “This is a time for healing,” stresses Dr Isbell and to aid in this she has given away thousands of bottles of her Christchurch Relief Essence Ė a flower essence made from five Christchurch flowers that specifically addresses the issues of injury, illness, betrayal, grief and stress.

From The Light House or via her website people can also obtain various flower essences that help with a range of conditions from helping to transform emotions, attitudes and behaviours to helping gain awareness, balance, energy, growth, guidance, harmony, inspiration and truth.

“Flower essence therapy began through the studies of Dr Bach in the 1920s. Many medicines come from plants and the flower essences are from the same source but on a different plane. They provide on-going assistance to those who want to heal, change and grow.”

Dr Isbell also prescribes homeopathic remedies which she says can help people make large corrections in their lives and health.

“Homeopathic remedies use a system of very diluted substances that are targeted to be given to people with a variety of problems and are seen to help the body balance itself and produce its own improvement.”

Along with offering standard GP services with the backing of holistic remedies and hands on healing such as Reiki, Dr Isbell runs a series of meditation courses.

“Many people who are in the recovering or healing process will find meditation extremely beneficial at this time,” she says.

“Some people are feeling the stress but others donít realise how stressed they are until they pause. Itís a good idea to take some preventive measures such as a walk, flower essences, meditation or a holiday.”

Dr Isbellís regular meditation courses on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6pm to 7pm are specifically designed to help people deal with stress, on topics such as Living with Joy, Personal Power Through Awareness and Spiritual Growth.

There are also special meditation courses for spiritual growth, including Awakening Your Light Body and Transcending Your Ego. These are held on alternate Saturday mornings, and the next 12-session course starts at 10am on Saturday 16 April. While Christchurch is in the recovery stage after the earthquakes, Mediation classes at The Light House are being offered at reduced rates.

With the warmth, empathy and intuition that surges from Dr Isbell there is no doubt she will assist people in achieving their goals.