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Homeopathic Remedies

From Metropol magazine, 30th September 2010

Spring is here and in Christchurch that means spectacular displays of blossom and daffodils in our city’s gardens and parks. Have you ever noticed how a walk amongst fresh grass and floral blooms can bring a sense of tranquillity and relaxation? Flower power really does exist!

At The Light House in Bealey Ave, Dr Wendy Rose Isbell has developed Flower Essences, which takes diluted properties of the flowers and gardens of Christchurch and transforms them into remedies. Dr Isbell explains how the Flower Essences work:

"These remedies are designed to help transform emotions, attitudes and patterns of behaviour that hinder a person’s full development or potential. They do not directly treat disease or illness but instead help to stabilise emotional and psychological stresses."

Dr Isbell specialises in medical assessments and general practice, as well as offering alternative treatment options, including the Flower Essences, other homeopathic remedies and meditation. "I offer my patients the full range of medical care," she says.

Since the earthquake, Dr Isbell says she has seen many patients who are now at a point where they have the space to look at their situations and themselves.

"People are starting to notice how stressed they are and are embarrassed to find themselves ‘falling apart’. The Flower Essences are good for helping to relieve this stress."

In doing her part to help the citizens of Christchurch recover from the earthquake, Dr Isbell is offering Christchurch Relief Essence at $10 per bottle or three for $20 until the end of the month. Individual bottles of Flower Essences are $25 each.

Flower Essences can be used by people of all ages and can also be used as a remedy for animals and even plants. "I believe that these essences can help with the element of stress which is worsening or perpetuating an illness or condition. The body and mind are so intertwined that they can help with an individual’s overall health when used alongside other appropriate treatment."

Stress rears its head due to all manner of events, such as the recent earthquake, but also as the result of feeling flat over the winter months, or at this time of year with exams approaching. "I think of the effect of Flower Essences as being similar to the effect walking or sitting in a garden has on us. It’s having a sense of something ‘bigger’ than yourself, which can help put everything else into perspective," says Dr Isbell.

For further information on The Light House, call 03 366 0508 or visit To find out more about the Christchurch Flower Essences, register by emailing for a free of charge talk on Saturday 16th October at 10am at The Light House, 177 Bealey Ave, Christchurch.