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Homeobotanical remedies are classical blends of herbal extracts and tinctures that have been prepared to cover all the usual health conditions met with in a natural health clinic.

These formulations are then potentised in the homeopathic manner. So homeobotanical remedies have some of the properties of herbal remedies, and some of the characteristics of homeopathic remedies.

The thirty basic remedies can be blended in any combination or proportion to match the health needs of each patient.

The system is easy to remember because each remedy is labeled alphabetically: A for asthma, B for blood, C for colds and flu, to J for sore throats (germs/"jerms') and Z for sleeping.

Additional remedies are labeled Firstaid for acute illness, Trauma for physical illness and Cerebra for mental alertness and clarity.

Through the process of homeopathic potentisation, each remedy is capable of selectively stimulating homeostasis. Homeobotanical therapy is a "mix and match" philosophy where the symptom picture presented by each patient is addresses on an individual basis.

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