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Medical Assessments

A Medical Assessment is a comprehensive health check up, designed for adults of any age.

You can have a Medical Assessment at the time of your first homeopathic appointment, or at any other time when it can be helpful.

An annual medical assessment is often appropriate, especially for people over the age of 40, and many people find their birthday to be a good reminder time to take care of their health.

It is also good to have a medical assessment before starting on an exercise programme.

The Appointment

Your medical assessment takes about 20 minutes, and you will need to ask for an extra appointment slot.

If you have new health problems, or if your last full medical assessment was 3 or more years ago, you may be asked to fill in a new Medical Assessment Form. (Click on the link to download the form in PDF format).

This is two appointment slots if you would like a Medical Assessment at a general practice or homeopathic follow up visit (code WID).

Dr Isbell then talks with you about your health, and about any illnesses you may have.

Blood tests include tests for anaemia, blood sugar, cholesterol and thyroid function tests.

Other Services

Other services can be arranged at your medical assessment, according to your individual health needs.

These services include additional blood tests, cholesterol management, Green prescriptions, ECGs and exercise ECGs, and referral to a dietician or scientific weight loss programme.

Dr Isbell is also happy to refer you to other health practitioners, so that you can have the benefits of their expertise and experience.

Health Screening

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