Dr Wendy Rose Isbell

This webpage gives general advice
For enquiries and appointments, please contact HillMed Health, phone 3388655
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These forms are in PDF format. To open and print them, you will need Acrobat Reader, available free from Adobe, installed on your computer.

For New Patients

For general practice, and homeopathic follow up visits, consultations are 20 minutes in duration (code WI).

For homeopathic appointments, your first consultation includes history-taking, and a homeopathic remedy given at the time of the consultation.

This takes about 40 minutes, and you will need to request a Double Appointment (code WID).

If you would like a full Medical Assessment, please ask for an extra appointment slot.

You will be asked to fill in a questionnaire, giving your symptoms, past illnesses, allergies and medications. Dr Wendy Rose Isbell then talks to you about your illnesses and symptoms. She will want to know about your medication, and about any allergies. Blood tests, prescriptions or referrals are arranged if necessary. She may give you a homeopathic remedy or recommend Flower Essences or Homeobotanicals for you to take at home.

If you wish, you can download and fill in the Medical Assessment Form, and bring them to your first consultation.

Be sure to let us know if you are bringing in completed forms, though, so that we do not allow extra time for you to do this at the time of your consultation.