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Protocol For Prescribing Controlled Drugs And Drugs Of Addiction

Dr Wendy Rose Isbell

The purpose of this protocol is to ensure patients receive the best ongoing medical care. Medical and holistic support is also available.

  1. Controlled Drugs are only prescribed in person, at a scheduled consultation.
  2. Drugs which are addictive or which can be abused are only prescribed in person, at a scheduled consultation. These include benzodiazepines (tranquilisers and sleeping pills) and codeine.
  3. The normal fee applies for these consultations.
  4. The maximum amount prescribed is one week’s dispensing, with three repeats.
  5. The patient is required to attend for another consultation if another prescription is required.
  6. Another prescription will not be supplied earlier than twenty-eight days after the previous one, with no exceptions.
  7. Controlled Drugs are not prescribed at a first consutation.
  8. Controlled Drugs are not prescribed unless the patient's previous medical records are available.
  9. Controlled Drugs may only be prescribed after the case has been discussed by a panel of doctors.

Copies of this Protocol are provided to patients, staff members and pharmacies.

Dr Wendy Rose Isbell
Christchurch, 23 January 2013
This Protocol will be updated.