Dr Wendy Rose Isbell

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Regular Consultations

Dr Wendy Rose Isbell prefers to see new patients for a longer time, to allow for gathering current and past medical information, performing a health check up, and discussing management options.

If you are a new patient to her practice, you will need a longer appointment. Please Click Here.

Regular, or follow up, consultations build on the first medical assessment.

Usually Dr Isbell will discuss with you each of the problems on your Active Problems List.

These are reassessed under the headings of
Subjective what the symptoms are,
Objective what the examination findings are,
Assessment an agreement about where we are at present, and where we are going,
Plan a plan about what we will do now, and what are our options after that.

However, of course, in each consultation we do concentrate on what your main concerns are, and your reasons for coming.