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Follow-up Assessments:
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Remote Remedies

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathy is a system of alternative medicine that supports the person's health by giving special treatments that are tailormade for the person, and that provide deep attention to the body and mind to help manage illness and to maximise good health.

Homeopathy is used for the whole range of medical and psychological conditions in children and adults, as well as for treating general poor health. The first Homeopathic appointment involves a full assessment and medical checkup. The treatment programme then is for a further a further visit after 2 weeks, then 3 weekly until the patient is well, and then at longer intervals.

Remote Remedies

Patients who live outside of Christchurch have a full medical assessment at their first appointment, and then, as long as they are under medical care, and there are no major changes to their condition, they can report back by email, fax or phone, and further homeopathic remedies can be posted to them.

First Assessment

Doctor Wendy Rose Isbell performs a full medical assessment on the first appointment and chooses a first dose of a homeopathic remedy.

Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic doses will usually be sent in a small plastic container with 2 pills inside. These pills are both sucked together as one dose, without eating or drinking for half an hour before or afterwards. Often pills will be sticky from having been medicated. If the tablets don't dissolve within a few minutes, then chew and swallow them.

Aspirin and coffee may antidote some remedies and are best avoided. Tea and alcohol normally create no problem. Very strong substances such as Vicks, eucalyptus, menthol, strong peppermints and large amounts of garlic may also antidote the remedies.

Homoeobotanicals are herbal combinations which are given for a number of reasons. These are generally taken 3 drops 3 times daily, and can be taken at the same time as Flower Essences.

Sometimes you will be given a bottle of Flower Essences to use as a background to the Homeopathic treatment. The dose for these is 3 drops 3 times daily, including last thing at night and first thing in the morning. These should be taken in a clean mouth but not necessarily away from food.

Follow-Up Assessments

In most cases a course of Homeopathic treatment is best, in order to allow treatment to catch up with the person's constitution. The patient usually reports back after 2 weeks then every 3 weeks until they are feeling well, and then at longer intervals to check that they remain well. Later the person can enrol in the Stay Well Programme. However, if the improvement tails off before the next treatment is due, the patient can call for a remedy at an earlier time if they wish.

When you are ready for another remedy, please fill in a Remote Remedy Request Form and post it to me at

The Light House
275 Fifield Terrace,

or fax it to 03-3661000.

or email it to wisbell@thelighthouse.co.nz

Or you can phone 03-3660508 or 0800wisbell and leave a message with my receptionist for me to call you back.

You will need to say how you have been since your last remedy, how you are at the time, what your main concerns are, and whether you need any more Homoeobotanicals or Flower Essences.

Dr Isbell will review your notes and choose the remedy, which will be posted out to you with an account.

Please note

It is important when you are unwell to have proper medical assessment, with investigations and treatment as required. Homeopathic treatment deals with improving the person's general level of health and well-being, and is not a substitute for conventional medical management. Please visit me or your general practitioner any time you are unwell, or need medical advice.